Selected Projects

Since the climate change does not stop at borders, Bioenergy Concept is working worldwide on solutions for sustainable and costeffective energy supply systems.

State-of-the-art Technology for California 2020

In 2020 our first and unique Ablative Fast Pyrolysis System just left our hometown and is now on its way to California. The entire portable system has a throughput of 500 kg of biomass per hour and will produce 200.0000 Liter of bio-oil in the course of the project. The project-accompanying R & D work is carried out by the California State University, Northridge, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Ganrock Corp., BioGas Energy Inc. and Thermophil International, DE.

Biogas Plant - California 2012

  • Biogas plant for organic residues
  • 2000 m³ digester with hydrolysis phase
  • BHKW 720 kW electric
  • 100 m³/h upgrading unit to bio-methane

Photovoltaic Plant in Lüneburg - Germany 2010

Biogas Plant - California 2007

  • Fiscalini Farms, Modesto, California
  • Dairy cattle liquid manure
  • 2* 3500 m³ Fermenter
  • CHP, 800 kWel electric

Biogas Plant in Ahden - Germany 2005

  • 14.000 m³/a
  • Pigmanure and organic waste
  • 700 kWel

Biogas Plant in Rietberg - Germany 2001 / 2003

  • 8.000 m³/a
  • Slaughterhouse waste
  • 540 kWel.

Biogas Plant in Brakel - Germany 2000

  • 8.000 m³/a
  • Commercial organic waste
  • 500 kWel

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