Vortex Extraction Digester

The heart of every biogas plant is the fermentation tank, the so-called digester, in which the biogas is produced.

A major problem of the most common fermenter models is the deposition of inorganic material at the bottom of the tank. Despite of the complex stirring technology used in many models, over time settling and impurities settle as deposits at the bottom of the fermenter.
This results in:

  • Reduction of the digester capacity
  • Inefficiency of the heat exchangers
  • Lower retention time of the feedstock materials
  • Lower gasproduction
  • Increased costs for higher energy consumption
  • Increased costs for maintenance and repair work

The concept of the Vortex Extraction Digester starts exactly at this point:

Vortex Extraction Digester bioenergy concept

Conical design for a functioning drain

Instead of a flat tank bottom equipped with stirring instruments, the bottom of the VED has an underground funnel-shaped design.

The geometry of the VED takes the advantage of the flow properties of the substrate in the fermenter. By creating a vortex in the centre of the tank and with the conical construction of the digester floor, impurities and sediments are kept in suspension and are thus continuously removed without problems. There are no downtimes of the plant for cleaning the fermenter.


Low costs with high effectiveness

There is no need for additional components inside the fermenter that are subject to wear, breakage or clogging. The agitation requirement is lower compared to conventional fermenters, which not only reduces energy consumption but also opens up the possibility of replacing internal agitators with external pump agitators and externally installed heat exchangers. Investment and maintenance costs for complex stirring technology are thus considerably reduced.

Vortex Extraction Digester concept

Vortex Extraction Digester

Optimized construction and operating costs

Continuous removal of impurities and sediments

Low energy consumption
and constant heat

No internal heating systems
No internal stirrers

Less downtime of the plant

Different Feedstock

Biogas Upgrading System

Bioenergy Concept together with his partners developed the Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption to offer a cost effective biogas upgradation possibility.

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