Bioenergy Concept fully trusts in the mobile hydrogen refueling station with a cartridge system for refueling!

7 Container and a 4 week journey from Lueneburg, Germany, to Sacramento, California: Our first and unique Ablative Fast Pyrolysis System just left our hometown and is now on its way to California. The entire portable system has a throughput of 500 kg of biomass per hour and will produce 200.0000 Liter of bio-oil in the course of the project.
Project-accompanying R & D work is carried out by the California State University, Northridge, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Ganrock Corp., BioGas Energy Inc. and Thermophil International, DE.

Christoph Eusterbrock, Managing Director of Bioenergy Concept, on his commitment in Ireland and his goals for the future.

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